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Event Planning Tips

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Tent Events

When thinking about a tent event there are a number of considerations to be aware of:

  1. How many guests are expected? Will they be seated or standing?
  2. ​Will the tent be used with another building? For example, a patio or porch.
  3. ​Will food be served? Is food service a buffet or sit-down style?
  4. ​What special needs have to be met? For example, a dance floor, a band, head tables, bar area, etc.

Décor and Design

Décor and design elements create an overall “look and feel” for an event, transforming an otherwise bare or drab space into one that “wows” guests when they walk into the room for the first time. A well designed event truly differentiates it from others.

Event design should be well thought out in advance. Continue branding your event by taking the themes, color scheme and messaging you used in your marketing and translating them into the look of the event. Décor should be appropriate for the type of event, the audience, and fit your budget.

Coordinate printed materials with the overall look of the event. Example of print materials as décor include menu cards, programs, place cards and table numbers.

The most important thing to remember when tackling event design and décor is to have fun and be creative! Don’t be afraid to use color and mix different patterns and textures together. If you need help with the look and feel of your upcoming event, please contact us.

Simple but effective items to upgrade the look of your event:

Linen Rentals

Table linens and napkins can dramatically change the look of an event. The options are limitless, from basic fabrics in every color of the rainbow, to linens with texture and pattern in luxury fabrics. For a pop of color on a small budget, choose neutral colored table linens and a napkin in a bright color.


Furniture rentals achieve both form and function in an event. Sofas and coffee tables come in various styles, materials and colors and can be used to create cozy lounge areas and fill up unused space at the same time.


Uplighting creates a wash of color on the walls. Choose one color (like red) or select lighting that changes color throughout the night. Lights strung from the ceiling on a truss can create a spotlight affect from above and can be used to draw attention to banquet tables, floral centerpieces, and the speaker on stage. There are many other ways to incorporate lighting into a room.

Votive candles create warmth in a room and make it look elegant on a very small budget. If the venue you are working in does not allow votives, battery-operated LED candles are another option to get a similar look.


Floral centerpieces add interest and detail to your tables. Tell your florist what your color scheme is and he/she can coordinate the florals. Continue the pop of color by choosing flowers in the same color family as your napkins for simple yet attractive event design.


Dance Floors

  • Generally, 40% of your guests dance at one time
  • B&W dance floor is just the right touch for the special indoor event

Risers & Stages

  • Risers can create a stage or bandstand Audio Visual Reminders
  • Can lighting be adjusted from within the room
  • Pretest all equipment prior to event

How To Use Triple Coat Checks

1st part goes on coat hanger
2nd part goes on hat or umbrella
3rd part goes to guest

Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape has many useful applications:

  • Use as a stage backdrop
  • Make dividers for meetings and banquets
  • Create dressing rooms for fashion shows or plays

Games & Concessions

  • Games encourage group participation
  • They are an excellent way to enhance the excitement of your event—whether corporate or personal
  • Choose games appropriate to the theme of your event and targeted age group
  • Add to your party atmosphere with a popcorn, hot dog, and sno-cone machine



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