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Serving Tips

Setting The Table

  • Utensils should be placed for use from the outer edge of place setting toward the plate
  • Be sure to order separate counts of salad and dessert forks
  • Salad or bread & butter plates can be used for dessert
  • Place table condiments in easy reach of everyone at the table
  • Salt & pepper shakers should be placed individually above the plate or every 2 to 3 places
  • Order extra sets of sugar bowls and creamers for refills
  • Silver accessories add a special touch to your table presentation

Prep & Serve

  • Rectangular chafing dishes are good for foods that are to be kept flat such as chicken breasts, fish fillets and lasagna
  • Round chafing dishes are used for sauces, casserole type en- trees, and some vegetables
  • Do not heat chafer without water in water pan
  • Light fuel 15 minutes before opening the buffet
  • Take extra fuel to cover the entire time the buffet will be open
  • Place one inch of hot water in water pan of chafer before serving
  • You will need a serving utensil for each serving dish
  • Never add fresh food to a chafing dish on the buffet table
  • Take the used food pan and replace with a full one
  • Stainless steel food pans can be placed in the oven to keep food warm
  • Allow one buffet line per 50 guests


  • Using a variety of shapes and sizes of trays makes a more interesting presentation
  • Large tiered trays are perfect for cold hors d’oeuvres and desserts
  • 12″, 14″ and 16″ round silver trays are favorites for passing hors d’oeuvres and cocktails
  • When serving drinks on a tray use paper doilies or a damp cloth to absorb spills and prevent slipping
  • Use greenery and flowers to garnish food platters and trays

Coffee Service

  • One coffee station per 60 guests
  • Use cold water in coffee makers as brewing is timed from a cold water start
  • One pound of coffee will make 55 cups of brewed coffee
  • Brewing time on a 100 cup coffee maker is one hour

Beverage Tips

  • Fill wine glasses one half to three quarters full
  • Always serve food with alcohol
  • Always have nonalcoholic beverages available

Beverage Guidelines

  • One keg of beer = 160 glasses
  • One gallon of wine = sixteen 4 oz. glasses
  • One bottle of wine = six 4 oz. glasses
  • One liter of liquor = 20 drinks using a 1.5 oz. jigger
  • Figure 15 ice cubes per person for a 2 to 3 hour cocktail party
  • Figure 2 cups of punch per person

Picnic Beverage Guideline for 150 Guests

  • 10 gallons of iced tea
  • 8 gallons of lemonade
  • 2 soft drinks per person

Beverage Equipment

  • Ice chests not only hold ice cubes but beer, wine and bar juices
  • Super Cooler holds 1/2 barrel or 168 cans of beverage with 30 lbs. of ice
  • Whenever you use a hot beverage container, always warm it up by filling it with hot water and then draining the water before finally filling it with the hot beverage



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